I am a native Texan who relocated to New York to attend the American Academy of Dramatic Arts BFA program.

I am currently starring in two feature films on Amazon Prime from the production house of Strangewerks Films.

In the role of Scientist Gerber in the Sci-Fi thriller “Lifeform” a dark tale of laboratory complex’s experimental use of stem cells resulting in a shape-shifting deadly creature.

Cast in the lead role of “Conjuring the Devil “playing Monsignor Brock, a murderous religious leader sworn to cleanse his congregation from sin and devious behavior with lethal intentions.

I have had the great opportunity to work for Investigation Discovery on numerous occasions, such as playing lead Detective Sweet in Diabolical, a persistent Investigator for Shadow of Doubt, a tenacious Sherriff for Homicide City Charlotte and compassionate Priest in Redrum.

I played a Judge in the off-off Broadway play “Oswald” and I have won an award from the LA Webfest for outstanding achievement in an ensemble cast for web series “Disciplinary Actions”.

Also, Agent Smith for College Humor’s “Matrix Runs on Windows” available on YouTube with  over 17 million views and in the lead role of New Politics music video “Dignity” playing a demented Ice Cream Man.